You Work Hard For Your Money, Look Good – Virgocloset2020


You Work Hard For Your Money, Look Good – Virgocloset2020



Marian Olapeju Okanlawon’s name may not readily ring a bell but the popularity of virgocloset2020, an online fashion mart is an attestation of quality products.


Okanlawon is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), virgocloset2020 and she is also a frontline worker.

In a chat with Gtechnews after several attempts to reach her, she explained that the duty of anyone who works quite hard for money is to look good.

According to her, she went into the fashion business when she realized people work endlessly and never have time to treat themselves to good things of life like clothing to mention a few.

“As a healthcare professional, I also realize people get dressed smartly and get changed at work to either put on their work clothes or uniform. That gave me an Idea to be the representative that will bring good quality fashion wear to them at the office and in the comfort of their homes as they wish.

“I source for quality goods all around the globe but at the moment, I am concentrating on Turkey and Dubai. Once I have the location of where to get the items, I travel over the weekend and I always have a personal assistant waiting for me at my hotel. We set out to all the destinations mapped out, pay for the goods and they deliver to my hotel within the hour”.

On the cost of importation and shipping, she said, “The cost are calculated and spread across the goods and products. I have a size chart on my handle covering all over the world. All you need do is telling us the last size you know you wear and we convert it to European, American or UK size”.

The Virgocloset2020 boss disclosed that Covid-19 pandemic really taught “All of us how to manage our time perfectly and have what you want delivered to you at your door step without moving a finger. With every time, there is combined postage and sometimes we do sales and discounts too”.

The mother of two also advised on the need to stay healthy, saying,”As a healthcare professional, I simply would like to say that health is wealth and it is golden. You cannot afford to trade your independence for anything else. Look after yourself properly, eat good food in moderation and on time, drink plenty of water, empty your bladder frequently, and eat one of five fruits a day. It is quite easy to juggle work -life balance with business life.

“There is adequate time for everything and I also do consultation during business hours (which normally falls on my Days off work).
I find time to unwind with the family but I still communicate with customers but I let them know I am away at the moment and will post their items at the earliest possible time”.

Relaxation are always nonexistent for busy entrepreneurs and she said, “I really do not have a particular way of relaxing. While I travel to buy my goods, I take it as a form of relaxation for me because I just have to cook, do school runs or work”.


Finally, she adds “Working in a healthcare profession has been the best employment so far when you see the smile across patients and relatives faces”.