Will Santa Gift Me Something Amazing?


Christmas is tomorrow and possibly Santa would come to gift me something to remember.
What and why exactly do you think would make me highly expectant and hyper?
Life is becoming so tiring and uninteresting except for the promise trudging me along from the Holy Book which states that God is with me even to the close of the age.
And now there is a frenzy already around in the city. Everywhere seems hectic and buzzing with different people shopping and doing stuff with their spouses, partners and children.
Yeah, doing stuff with family. And here I am family less  for close to six years in Montreal, Canada.
This is not about me alone but several others with permanent residence still face this hurdle.
Some people don’t understand some sacrifices, do not appreciate their nuclear family and only value them when they are no more.
The Canadian system is taking forever and the strength and power to carry on for most of us is almost non-existent under the facade that all is well.
I know that the God-head would send Santa my way and that of others in similar situations to gift us what our hearts desire.
My only prayer is to God to send Angelic Santa to perfect this business.Will Santa gift me something amazing?Anyway, I am here, still waiting for the promised magic.
Anyways, In the spirit of Christmas and the reason for the season, I would say love compassionately, and give out to people you know may not be able to afford anything including food.
Don’t throw food or any stuff away, they may be useful to someone out there. Be the Santa that would bring smiles and hugs to that person in direst need.
Be nice.
Be kind.
Give everyone a beautiful smile.
Olabisi Olaleye
Of course, most of us don’t look like what or how we feel.
Treat everyone well because behind that smile is a heavy heart that pumps over 120 ml as against the normal 70 ml of blood into the arteries during each heartbeat.
Merry Christmas!
See you next week