Why You Need Professional Help In Properties Acquisition’

Chairman, BabsGbollys
‘Why You Need Professional Help In Properties Acquisition’
The fear of omoniles (Land owners), often send chills down the spines of most Nigerians who have had encounter with them at some point.
Most people either lose money or lands  acquired over incessant land tussle between two families who claim land belongs to them and  that the case was already in court.
However, Chairman, BabsGbollys Properties Ltd, Mr Babalola Odunuga said real estate business is about getting professionals with the state of-the-art techniques, who  specialize in marketing, listing and selling of new and resale of homes, residential communities, home sites, undeveloped land and commercial and investment opportunities do the job.
According to him, his company falls into these categories and it is also a one stop shop for all type of prospective clients.
Real Estate
Real estate is currently booming in Nigeria and people are making millions in it. One  very good thing about real estate business in Nigeria is that the investment opportunity is so diverse that there seem to be something for everyone.
Chairman, BabsGbollys


Investing in real estate is a unique way of saving money, it helps your money to grow without much efforts, it is one business that never falls or depreciate even in worse crisis like the pandemic
BabsGbollys Properties Ltd. maintains a full-time staff of well-trained real estate professionals who continually strive to provide top quality service for individual clients and customers. BabsGbollys Properties Ltd. is a creative, innovative and people-oriented organization that provides individual opportunity, personal satisfaction and rewarding challenges to members of the firm.
We are leading in full-service real estate company with customer satisfaction as top priority.We  launched in April 2016 with a mission to be the most successful real estate firm always exceeding customer satisfaction. We have recorded very rapid growth and in just five years  built an operation that leads the market in customer satisfaction, real estate sourced and innovation.
Future plans
The company plan is to restrategise and become the real estate company in the country  that would be sought after. Work is in progress and we are not relenting on our oars.
Our main clients are active mid-age professionals living in diaspora seeking a home in fatherland for subsequent retirement. Buyers between the ages of  40 to 54 (the median age for first-time homebuyers is 35,this is a reasonable range). These are the post baby-boom generation born between the mid-1960s and early 1980s who are sometimes referred to as Generation X or Generation Next. People born between the mid-1970s and mid-1990s, labeled by marketers Generation Y, the Echo Boom, or the Millennial Group are here as well. You may find a sprinkling of the baby boomers born between the years of 1946 and 1964 in this group as well. The older generation still remember the depression, Kennedy’s assassination, man landing on the moon, and Watergate. Younger audiences have never known a world without MTV, mobile phones, and social media.  Obviously, we develop different messages and choose different media approaches to reach each group.
Real estate is an investment for thousand of generations to come. This  gives room for legacy in the family and a guaranteed growth in any company