When God Doesn’t Make Sense

When God Doesn’t Make Sense

The headline is the title of a great book by Dr. James Dobson, published on October 17, 2012 by Tyndale House Publishers.

A book that reaches out to people who loves the Lord, yet struggle with death of loved ones, trials and heartaches.

Most times, when they just can’t comprehend why these things happen to them.
The week before, ýou learned of the death of Pastor Emmanuel, first son of the General Overseer of the Gospel Faith Mission, where my husband worships. The sudden death is a blow not just to the family but members alike because a year ago, Emmanuel’s wife died. The year before that the revered man of God, Reverend Abina’s wife also died.

Dare & Emmanuel

Still grappling with that, the news of the death of Pastor Dare, son of Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye, a holiness preacher and miracle working man of God, the General Overseer of  Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG hits the world.

Two youths within a week interval.

Pastor Dare, aged 42 was said to have preached a day before he died in his sleep. Quite sad.

Losing a pregnancy to miscarriage is traumatic not to talk of losing a son, a grown one at that who is already a husband and father to three young children.

Most times, God is unquestionable. And death is also not fair and life is a walking shadow.

Not a member of the church but admire the spectacular grace which Pastor Adeboye carries.

Similar grace is the one that drama minister, Mike Bamiloye also carries.

Genuinely, you tap into that special grace because the man of God stands on the podium to minister shortly after learning of his son’s death.

That must be like the faith of Abraham, whom the Good book describes as total obedience without questioning.

If you asked, not your thing to talk about such things but when you begin to read negativity flying on social media, you pause to ask, why can’t some people just for the sake of God let the departed souls rest in peace?

The fact that their fathers are prophets, who speak to God and He hears them, is not an indicator that God would show them everything.

On the other hand, God may intentionally not show them because pastor Adeboye and Reverend Abina would plead for mercy to save their sons respectively.

The Holy Book says the things he reveals are for his people. If not, why would a particular Prophet be downcast and unconsciously ask, ‘God, why didn’t you tell me?’When his benefactor yelled at him that he should not have allowed his God to grant her a son when he knows that he will die.

Several whys’ and God doesn’t make sense in those trying times.
Death will simply yank off the youth and leave the aged. Strange world.
A comment on Instagram by a Nigerian rapper and some unrepentant wailers scornfully mimicking the chief mourner ,pastor Adeboye on some of his punchy lines like, ‘…who would see the following year…’
What insensitivity? Where has empathy gone? Losing a human being and not just a coin or a dollar note is quite painful. Yet some people mock the pastor. Little wonder,the family begs for privacy.

Meanwhile, passing away to the great beyond,could also be an indication of undisclosed ailments.

Many people work so hard, evangelize and sermonize so hard without allowing a medical expert check their physical well-being.It is time to reflect on staying healthy and fit.

May God comfort the Adeboyes’ and the Abinas”.
And may the soul of Pastors Dare and Emmanuel find rest.

See you next week Sunday.