Why We’ll Celebrate Women In 2019


Why We Are Celebrating Women In 2019- Oba
By Olabisi Olaleye 

Mr Rufus Oba, initiator and coordinator of the People Choice Award said women achievements have gone past the kitchen and need to be celebrated always.
According to him,People Choice Award will be celebrating 101 most outstanding women in the country, come Saturday January 19, 2019.
He speaks on this among others.

This project; what is it all about and why is it important at this time?

101 most outstanding women is Nigeria’s premier gender focused and empowering merit award to recognize, appreciate, encourage, celebrate and honour extraordinary women in all spheres of human endeavor. And who have by their lives, positions , influence, inspired, changed, touched and impacted lives positively in our society and in the development of the nation.
Genuine role models are not only many in history books but can be found in our villages’ cities and neigbourhoods. This is a peoples oriented merit award that will attract the participation of all Nigerians, who will nominate and eventually decide by SMS vote, hence it is called ‘Peoples Choice Awards Nigeria’.

What actually informed it especially that you are a man and you are interested in women’s achievements?

I was born of a woman, grew up amongst women, saw all that my mother, sisters and female friends, go through every day in taking care of men and making us Happy,in lots of ways. God couldn’t rest until He made a woman, this world wouldn’t be complete without women. Imagine a world without women, men would probably still be in caves, eating raw fish and meat, unkept hair and beard.

Who are the other members ?

Inikkio Nig. Limited my firm is organizing this event with the Nigerian Association of Women Journalists, NAWOJ in collaboration with the value added service providers and GSM operators providers SMS sort codes for votes.

What is the quintessential benefit for this generation?

The programme for nomination and voting are currently ongoing, voting ends on Tuesday,January 15, 2019. The event is slated for Saturday, January 19, 2019 in Abuja, in what promises to be the greatest gathering ever of influential women and dignitaries with the best of some Nigerian musicians and comedians performing.

Are all the women nominated worth the Award?
It’s called the People Choice Awards where Nigerians will nominate and choose through SMS that special woman who had nationally impacted lives. It’s different from most awards where a group of people will just compile names and post them on designated website, in this particular one, the awardees are being chosen by Nigerians. And I do not have access to the votes which are being recorded by the GSM network providers.

What advice do you have for the nation?

If God who created the universe knew that it was not complete without women, Nigeria should realize now that no nation could strive without its women folks. Let every man ask himself how he got into this world, even Jesus was born of a woman. Same goes for the pope, presidents and world leaders. Everywhere we go and in everything we do in life a woman is involved. Why then do we neglect them publicly by not appreciating and recognizing their importance? Women had fought wars, Queen Amina of Zaria, Queen Idia of Benin, sacrificed their lives, Aba Riot of 1924 where over 50 women died to cause the change in part of what we are enjoying today, they deserve to be honoured and there are lots of feats achieved in all aspects of our existence as a nation.
The results of the last law school revealed that out of the 153 first class law school graduates, 113 of them are women. No woman, no nation, any nation that does not give women their rightful place in leadership positions will struggle with so much burden unless shared equally for God made them both male and female in the beginning Genesis 2:18-23.

What do you want to be remembered for?

I want to be remembered for making men in Nigeria to respect and give women opportunities in public offices and women to know that their parents did not send them to schools to play a second fiddle role. It’s shocking seeing women celebrating having to be governor wives, presidents wives (First ladies) as their biggest achievement/aspirations in life when in most cases women come up tops in our various classes. I want to be known as the man who awakened the consciousness of women in this generation.