Vaccination Proof,The Final Checkmate

Vaccination Proof, The Final Checkmate
You were reading Mr. Josh Freed, your favourite columnist in the Saturday Montreal Gazette, with the title: ” If I’m bagging my stuff, why am I not getting paid?
Josh Freed. Image courtesy: Montreal Gazette
Mr.Freed, in his characteristic trait of lacing his information with puns, wanted to know why he wouldn’t be paid after acting like a cashier at the automated self-serve machine.
The truth is, as he pointed out that over three million cashiers would lose their jobs to self-service machines.
Just like Freed, you went to Dollarama (By the way, this is a dollar store in Canada) the week before to get some stuff, and you have to battle with using the automated self-service machine because the store was cashierless.
You are one person who would ask for help without being ashamed of it. And you love Canadians for one thing; they are ever ready to assist. You asked a young chap, right behind the queue, to help, and pronto, your stuff was entered just like that.
How and where did all of this start? All of this inconvenience was no doubt caused by Covid-19, which holed everyone in 2019, and the Delta variant currently.
The world is scared and is gradually going into normalcy with dreaded steps.
People were asked to get vaccinated when they weren’t sure; there were subtle threats of ‘ no covid-19 test, no schedule’ at the workplace initially.  And many lost their jobs.
People would continue to lose their jobs, mainly if they rely on certificates rather than skills.
Everyone is masked, whether it’s convenient or not. The weather is hot now, just like the Abeokuta and Maiduguri’s hot weather(These states are in Nigeria), and the mask is a punishment in public places. The atmosphere is jinxed.
Vaccination proof
Even with the second dose vaccination, most companies want proof of immunization.
While on sick leave, your organization requested vaccination proof, and it was sent via email to avoid any penalty.
Now, the current issue is the ‘Show me your vaccination passport.’ Some people are agitating for a national vaccination passport. This is the ongoing chess game—a final checkmate.
CES, a major technology conference in Las Vegas, USA, among others, is also requesting proof.
Advert in most of Canada’s national papers carry this statement  ‘Beginning in September; you will need a vaccination passport to enter specific spaces”.
Though subtle threats may further kill innovative skills.
You have some friends who, based on personal belief, skepticism and religion, may never get vaccinated.
You believe that people should be allowed to make decisions even when we all know that Covid-19 and Delta variant is no respecter of persons.
Their rights should not be threatened or trampled upon. The powers that be, the advocates, contractors and masterminds of this national vaccination proof, should let this set of people be.
See you next week.