The Dark Waters


The Dark Waters

Some things don’t just add up where domestic violence and homicide is concerned.

Why would either a woman or man stay in a violent relationship?  Some would say because of the children.

Others say the sex life was very good and creative.   Hmmm.

A few others say the marriage was a comfort zone laced with affluence and with millions of followers on social media.

Not many for once mentioned love because love turned to hatred leading to violence and homicide.

And marriage, according to the Holy book is a union of two people becoming one and the man leaving his family to cleave to his wife.

How on earth would a man or even a woman mastermind the killing of the partner without thinking of the consequences and the children?

Yes, many murders are committed based on self defense but where it is premeditated, then it is so scary.

It is like dark waters.

Walk away from a marriage or any relationship if you are not comfortable with the partner’s joke or demeanor, feel threatened and not secure anymore.

There is always a hint of such actions. If a partner is becoming too violent in a relationship, complains of simple dress sense or virtually on everything, seems ungrateful, don’t know how to say sorry, too jealous, over possessive and over bearing, then you don’t need a soothsayer or Prophet to tell you that it would be a disaster.

There are tell-tale signs but people just ignore them all.

Not an advocate of divorce and to be candid, a broken relationship is far better than a broken marriage or death of a partner.

You hear of a mother of three, from a colleague, whose husband not only shot but burnt her and their house .With little young children in the same house for crying out loud.

The husband had several alibis. It was a very thorough investigation after several months that revealed that the husband actually shot his wife and burnt the house.

Why didn’t he walk away of the marriage if he feels so threatened of her success?
How on earth would a woman cut off her husband’s penis and stabbed him in the jugular?
Years ago, most people waited on God for their spouse. But today, couples see and fall in love immediately and benched God.

Only when there is a problem, you hear stuffs like ‘God, why me?’
Years ago, parents are given the privilege to check out such ‘would be’s’ but not anymore. An African proverb says ‘What an elder sees sitting down, a youngster cannot see even on his feet’.

There are cultural, educational, religious and individual differences, if you don’t have an iota of tolerance, sorry, marriage is not for you.

If you are not too sure of where a relationship is headed, seek professional advice from counselors or at best Google it.

Don’t be killed over nothing.
Life is too precious.

Happy Easter from me to you.

See you next week