Sterling Qualities Of A Brave Woman

Sterling Qualities Of A Brave Woman
By Shalom Babatunde
In the society we live in, a woman is perceived vulnerable and as such is constantly relegated based on juxtaposition, class, aura, background and intelligence. These beliefs and assumptions create a vacuum that need to be done away by the society.
And the vacuum has ignited the will , determination and strength to the modern woman to stand out. Quite a number of things makes a woman brave including her experience.  And experience is built on involvement, attachment and appraisals.
In a research by Gtech News, it was discovered that the capability of every woman is usually prompted by challenges. The challenges however, might be positive or negative.
During a Vox pop conducted by Gtech News, Adeyera Oluwanifesimi, a secondary school certificate holder, said, “Self confidence and being outspoken makes a brave woman.”
According to her, an incident that happened in her secondary school days where she and four innocent others were falsely accused and in a case of possible expulsion, she was brave by stepping up to speak against it and by this, they were let off  the hook by the school authority.
However, a mother of two (name withheld)  also narrated some of her experiences in life and how she bravely overcame it.
She explained that, “For a woman to be called brave, she must have gone through some difficult phase of life and it takes perseverance, not relenting and the most important thing of all, the grace of God.”
Florence Ayila,an engineer said that “Being brave does not happen overnight. It is a thing of the mind and it takes principles, discipline, determination and hard work. Moreover, in the society we live in, women with those qualities are tagged feminist. It has to do with the mind set, most men become so insecure with women with those qualities.”