Smart Metering, Next Big Revolution- CWG

Smart Metering, Next Big Revolution-CWG
By Pelumi Olaleye
United States based experts on smart metering recently predicted that smart metering operations, known as managed services, or Smart Metering-as-a-Service (“SMaaS”)annual revenue willl grow from $199 million in 2018 to $1.03 billion by 2027 .
The study conducted by Washington based Northeast Group states that the smart metering industry is evolving to more of a subscription-based business model, a trend seen in many other industries. And this trend will have significant benefits for utilities, customers and vendors alike.
Against this backdrop,Nigeria’s IT provider and computer network solutions company, Computer Warehouse Group Plc (CWG), introduced the CWG SUS, a metering device which is expected to be the next revolution.
According to the company, it will help Discos companies and consumers to monitor power usage
Chief Executive Officer, CEO CWG, James Agada said the smart Meter will work as a back end software which will be post-paid , pre-paid, or a WiFi hotspot that has the capability of transmitting digital television signal into homes, rather than the traditional functions of a metering device.
Speaking on Smart metering the Vice President, Corporate Development, Daniel Das noted that an anti-theft feature and high speed 4G LTE router has been installed on the Metering device for wireless internet access.
“The meter enables us to remotely monitor, measure, control and manage energy usage, saving cost on expensive cabling and offers remote disconnect/reconnect capability.”
In a bid to improve the revenue for Disco companies, CWG has succeeded in  combining power, telecom, and banking onto one platform.
“Smart Metering will lead to improved revenue and healthy utility, which will further ensure satisfied, paying consumers.”
He further explained that the meter can prevent theft from consumers by detecting exact leakage locations on the map, assign/track employee for resolution, track the resolution time, and a web based dashboard view of current flow and leakage points with time and location which allows for distribution companies to monitor energy distribution.
According to Das, Discos lose money through non-paying and unknown customers, meter by-pass and overhead hooking.
“Discos can make more money than they are making now if they invest in data communication, energy consumption, location services and banking.” He said.