Skepticism, Uncertainty, Hope


Skepticism, Uncertainty, Hope


A couple of years ago, there was a comic imagery of a baby being delivered by doctors,  the baby whose head was out of the vulva, looked and said,” This is Nigeria, I  am going back to another country”.

Funny but sad. Yeah, very sad.

In the last couple of days, there had been several hash tags on several social media platforms by artistes, youths and almost anyone who has had a brush with the Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS) to end the blood thirsty maniac squad.

A proverb’s literal translation said, whoever witnessed where Sango, the god of Thunder displayed his supremacy, no one dares to insult him.

End SARS protest
Credit: BBC. Com

SARS has done more extra judicial killings, notorious for abuse of power, intimidating the youths and causing tears and anguish wherever and whenever they patrol.

Already, the Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Mohammed Adamu dissolved SARS after the protest was becoming embarrassing not only to the nation but to the world.

Few hours later, it was renamed Special Weapons and Tactics Teams (SWAT).

The upcoming Nigeria SWAT may not be in the league of Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Special Weapons and Tactics Teams, who are specialized part-time tactical teams (SWAT).

President Buhari

If everyone is calling for the end, then it has to end truly. However, it came seven years too late. A friend’s son was on his way home from campus according to statement of one person who was alive to tell the story.

He said they were accosted near Bariga at around 8pm by these trigger happy SARS.

The next thing they heard, ‘Where are you coming from? They explained that they were students and going home after the last lecture dragged into the night. “Show us your ID!” Before they could show anything, one of the cops had started slapping and using buts of the gun to hit all of them while saying, ‘‘We no as e de go, una be yahoo-yahoo (We know what’s going on, you are scammers).

They searched them, took their latest Iphones, laptops and money. To cut a long story short, after driving them round the length of Lagos and on a deserted road, shot them all but the one who survived with life threatening injury , whom they thought had died gave graphic details.

But not before my friend saw her son’s wristwatch on one of the officers at the station. My friend drew attention to it by yelling, ‘‘that belongs to my son! I bought and customized it in South Africa’’.

Investigations were conducted but it was too late.

Enitan, her son who was in his third year at the age of19 was stone dead. He was an only child, whose father had died even before he was born. And my friend committed suicide six months after.

End SARS protest.
Credit: BBC.Com

While I support the unity of the youth, I don’t subscribe to violence, insults and curses of elderly ones on no account. Youth would become old someday. Treat people the way, you want to be addressed.

No doubt, Nigeria is now at a risk of a silent pseudoaneurysm that may lead to anarchy, if the youths are not listened to because they are wiser, bolder, technology savvy and are the social media ‘G’.

This generation is quite impatient, feisty, calculating and wants answers, want it when it’s loud (Soro soke w…), and they want it quick because they are not lazy youths.

My friend, Rohit Khan said, ‘‘Nigeria government would listen faster when the Niger delta boys join in the protest and very likely if SWAT’s not disbanded.

Federal government should decentralize the police force; each state should have an IGP and its police force. That way, every state is responsible to anything that happens. Whether real or farce, a list of sacked officers and men have graced the social media platforms.