Reasons For Marriage Failure


Reasons For Marriage Failure
By Pelumi Olaleye

Clerics and some marriage experts have come to the conclusion that reasons for marriage failure today is due to carelessness of both parties. In recent times, failed marriages are blamed on voodoo, or family members; forgetting that a successful marriage means commitment and hard work.
A successful marriage is a peaceful home. A happy home does not depend solely on the woman because it takes two to tango. However, a woman’s attitude and perception towards the slightest thing is a pointer to her endurance.
Some women do not pay attention to their physical appearance, they believe that since they are married they have no reason to look good, keep in shape or dress nice. This is the biggest mistake of most women. Good looks attracted your husband to you, if you no longer make  efforts to look good you are indirectly telling your husband that you are tired of the marriage. Men love to flaunt the beauty of their wives to their friends and families.
Some women become belligerent after marriage due to advice received from friends. Not all advice received from friends should be adhered to. Some friends advice are derived from jealousy which are hidden to you.
However, a prayerful woman can never be led astray in her marriage. Prayer is the strength of a marriage, when everything begins to crumble. The power of prayer should never be underestimated. Always commit your husband and children into God’s hands.
Some women become lazy and dirty after marriage, blaming it on child rearing, or stress. Men detest dirtiness. They become uncomfortable coming home, thereby spending more time outside which could result into cheating.
Some women leave the cooking and cleaning of the house to their maids. Men tend to develop affection to the one who cooks for them or take care of domestic chores.
Some women neither encourage their husband in their businesses nor support their husband financially. All they do is spend money on irrelevant things, attend parties, rain curses on their husband when their request for their selfish needs are not met.
Some women are not creative. They are so comfortable in being a full house wife. They do not contribute to the family needs or bring in business ideas. They have no idea of what to discuss with their husband.
In marriage, not only the children needs attention, the husband also needs attention. Do not divert your love and care to the children alone. Ignoring your husband needs makes him feel lost and unhappy in the marriage. Most men tend to seek attention from someone else if they are not getting it from home.
Most importantly some women starve their husband of sex due to work stress or they see it as the perfect punishment. Sex in a marriage brings closeness or bond between couples. Sex is not made for child bearing alone. Also don’t be rigid in bed. Experiment other styles together.
Never report your husband to your friends, family members or pastors. By doing so, you are creating awareness on your weakness which could be used against you.
Remember always, “A wise woman builds her home.”