Nigerians Vent  Frustration On  Physical Distancing, Mask Wearing Challenge

Nigerians Vent  Frustration On  Physical Distancing, Mask Wearing Challenge
Some nigerians have started venting their frustration on the challenge posed by mask wearing and physical distancing.
They noted that it may be difficult to follow the physical distancing and mask wearing rules to the letter even as world leaders are gradually opening the economy through easing the lockdown.
Sources explained that the reason that would mitigate in abiding 100 percent to  laid  down rules is not far fetched because it  anchors on several factors including environmental and societal shenanigans
According to them, the mandatory disposable masks are sold at cut throat price and personal hygiene on tailored masks may not be met because some people may not practice daily washing.
Speaking to Gtechnews, a bus conductor, Ibrahim Aina,who disregarded the physical distancing rule by having his bus filled to capacity said he was aware of the virus but he cannot be bothered with prolonged use of the mask.
“Passengers will not hear me clearly and I need to shout to attract them. And when I collect the fare, I may need to remove it too. We know and even the Union has told us about how dangerous coronavirus is but God will see us through.”
Another source, Emeka Mba explained  that many financial institutions are now involved in preferential treatment.
 He disclosed that he was on queue for about three hours and the line didn’t move only to realise that there was a back door policy.
Long queue

“Nigeria is the image of corruption and things cannot change. Imagine standing on the line in this scorching sun and the rich people are being shepherded through the back door of the bank.

“Are we not going to do similar banking transactions even if the volume is higher than each other. It is frustrating being on the queue for a long time and being in the sun wearing the compulsory mask. I cannot even breathe properly because I am inhaling carbon dioxide. Physical distancing is zero because people are being pushed and bodies are touching, mind you not many people are using the mask”.
A guard who pleaded anonymity said most Nigerians are stubborn and like things to be done in a very fast way and they would go the extra mile to bribe their way through.
“Most of the people involved in this are usually those who have travelled outside the country, they will tell you reasons that they can’t stand in the queue for so long and other related issues. They would offer us money and most times, things do not work that way . We need to respect ourselves”, he said.
Meanwhile,  health experts believe that not adhering strictly to measures put in place by government to curtail covid-19 may bring another bouts of the virus and that could be too risky for the populace.