Nigeria: Politics of Dirty Game

Nigeria: Politics of Dirty Game
Sometimes, you wonder if everything is alright globally. It is just right, depending on the perspective one is viewing it from.
Politics with hate speech and character assassination exist almost everywhere. Someone once told me never to venture into politics if you don’t want them to know your secret because there would always be someone who would divulge a family history or personal secret at the sight of millions of crispy money notes.
Watching the current politicking silently in Nigeria, one would say that there are hands of fate and manipulation.
For every candidate, there was always a slogan that would gain the public’s popularity, from ‘Yes, We Can’  ‘Goodluck,’ ‘Sai Baba’;  ‘Ko ni baje’ to ‘Emi lo kan.’
Email lo Kan was used by a political juggernaut and one of Nigeria’s presidential aspirants, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, during one of his campaigns to emphasize that he is the next person in line for the presidency.
Before you could call Jack Robinson, the slogan had spread like wildfire, and even churches were not left out as they have started using the phrase and other known flaws as prayer points.
Whatever prayer point, whatever slogan, politics is all about politics. And this brings to the front burner how a supposedly loyal staff would make a swipe at his former boss, calling him all sorts of names, including spare tire and poster boy.
Babachir David Lawal, former Secretary to Government of the Federation, said, “The truth is that the man is a cunning pretender with ungodly ambitions.
“But in deciding to challenge Tinubu in a presidential dwell, the devil has finally trapped Osinbajo. The devil has exposed him to failure, shame and ridicule. The devil is extracting his price. And it is going to be a very high price on him”.
Hmmm. Vice President Yemi Osinbajo is not someone I know or wish to know, but one thing I know is that there is no perfect human being.
The outgoing VP may have misplaced his priorities by allowing those who don’t know how his journey began to push him against his benefactor. Don’t we all make mistakes that cause regrets?
Has the former SGF forgotten that he lacks moral justification to criticize Osinbajo? Lawal was a bully and terrorized all Aso Rock staff, according to a source.
Recall that Lawal was suspended as Secretary to the Government of Federation (SGF) by President Buhari on 19 April 2017 and was officially relieved of all duties on 30 October 2017 for misappropriating funds intended for alleviating the food crisis in Nigeria’s Northeast, mainly caused by Boko Haram.
If you point out the fault of others, others behind you will do the same. The law of karma still exists.
Nigerian political candidates and their cohort should stop hate speech characters and physically assassinating each other. That is not the new norm.
Journalists should not allow themselves to be the tool for disseminating hate speech, no matter the situation, because Politicians are politicians and would always use and dump.