Nigcomsat ‘ll Digitalise Electoral Process


NigComSat ‘ll Digitalize Electoral Process-Alale
By Joshua Olaleye
Nigeria Communication Satellite (Nigcomsat) Ltd, Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Abimbola Alale disclosed recently said that the agency is set to digitalize electoral process.
And on broadband penetration, she said that NigComSat will meet the remaining eight percent penetration target .
She speaks on this and others…
it’s barely two months for the end of the year and meeting the eight percent penetration target, how does Nigcomsat aid to give or support the federal government in achieving the 30%?

Nigcomsat is a critical partner within the Nigeria ICT ecosystem, it is a fully commercialized company ready willing to deploy our services for the purpose of meeting the broadband connectivity target for the country. What we require is the right patronage to take this out across the length and breadth of this country. Already we are in touch with INEC about the 2019 election on how we can take this services to very remote areas in the country where the 4G network does not exist and where the terrestrial network cannot cope, that is part of the strategy.  This business meeting with ISP owners is another strategy that will bring provider of services to end-users to leverage with our services. Indeed we are not a regulator,we are a service provider, Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) is a regulator of the sector and we are in good partnership with Nigeria Information and Technology Development Agency (NITDA) to play our own part by deploying services over the satellite. That’s the surest way that this connectivity mark can be attained in future. We are very committed to play our part to ensure broadband connectivity is achieved beyond the 30 percent.

What is the specific role that Nigcomsat is playing with INEC partnership role?

What we are portraying to INEC is that we have the capacity on our satellite to take connectivity to the remotest part of Nigeria where election would be held and help INEC to get the results to a center on the internet that is the specific role we are playing through our Vsat solution services. And in areas where there is no 4G or terrestrial network Nigcomsat will be available to do the magic.
I am pleased to inform you that Nigeria’s foremost satellite, NigComSat-1R is performing optimally and the Ka-band payload consists of eight (8) active transponders with a bandwidth of 120 MHz each for communication and broadcasting services. It has three fixed spot beams over Nigeria, South Africa and Europe. For additional support, we have made back-up agreements with more than two satellite operators.
NigComSat-1R is readily available to serve as our nation’s gateway for ease of doing business in this digital age.

Has INEC accepted the offer?
Discussion are still on it, so they are still about to give approval..

There is this perception that Nigcomsat services are very expensive.
It is very negotiable compared with services of satellite. Terrestrial services is like mango and apple they don’t taste the same broadband  because the cost of laying cables to other destinations are far less than launching a satellite with value equipment, and we are flexible in our price so our prices are negotiable not fixed  depending on the number of capacity that you require.