New Jersey Police Department To Solve Crime With AI


A police department in New jersey have deployed new technology using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to solve crime.

This new AI tech will be used to solve a 30 year cold case of an 11 year old child, Mark Himebaugh, who went missing on November 25, 1991.

The new tech which is as a result of the partnership with the Middle Township Police Department, New Jersey and Tabtu Corp, with its service provider, Terawe Corp., will utilize the Vollee AI service, which is a video, speech, image and text analysis platform with neural AI.

Founder and CEO of Terawe, Anil Balakrishnan, in a statement said,

“Terawe’s advanced AI capabilities accelerates digital evidence analysis by identifying new patterns and correlations across a wide variety of media and documents, which might otherwise remain hidden.”