Network distribution: MTN Debunks Media Report

Network distribution: MTN Debunks Media Report


MTN Nigeria Chief Executive Officer,CEO, Mr. Karl Toriola said Maintaining network stability and high levels of customer service remains a key priority for us. In line with MTN’s standard practice, this includes communicating to and informing customers of any potential disruptions in a timely manner, whether due to maintenance on the network, outages due to faults or other circumstances that may pose a risk, enabling them to plan appropriately and put in place business continuity measures.

MTN is aware of misleading media coverage related to a notice sent to a select group of our enterprise customers on the 15th of June about potential service disruptions.

The notice in question was a routine notification to a small group of businesses affected by a specific challenge in very few specific locations. These notices are regularly distributed to partners and are not out of the ordinary.

Small, medium and large enterprises are key to driving economic growth in Nigeria, and with the rise of digital solutions, are becoming more reliant on secure and reliable connectivity solutions. We recognise and understand the importance of service availability and strive to deliver a seamless and uninterrupted high-quality network experience, so that they are able to meet their customer’s needs.

As a responsible Nigerian company, we remain committed to supporting the sustainable growth and development of our country. We are dedicated to delivering the highest levels of service possible, and steadfast in our drive to ensure our customers have the information they need to make critical personal and business decisions and will continue to update them on relevant developments,” concludes Toriola.