NCC Tells Nigerians, Masts Can’t Cause Cancer

Prof Danbatta


NCC Tells Nigerians, Masts Can’t Cause cancer
By Bukola Roberts

The telecommunications regulator,Nigerian Communications Commission(NCC), reiterated that installation of masts by network providers is not cancerous and cannot cause cancer.
Executive Vice Chairman, NCC Prof Umar Garba Danbatta discarded the rumour at the 32nd Town hall meeting in Argugun, Kebbi state.
Though,represented by the Deputy Director Consumer Affairs Bureau , Mr Ismail Adedigba, he appealed that
network operators should not be stopped from erecting mast in communities.
He reiterated that World Health Organisation(WHO) research revealed that radiation from the towers are not harmful to human health.
“Most of you that are stopping network providers from erecting masts in your areas because of rumour that it can cancer and it is not true. The recent research conducted by World Health Organization shown that the towers is not harmful to human health. Radiation from mast do not cause cancer. Please,don’t stop them from erecting it in your communities”.
He explained further that the topic was chosen to reflect one of the cardinal objectives of the NCC of ensuring the protection of telecommunication consumers from market exploitation and empowering them to make rational and informed decision when making choices of services.
“At NCC,we believe consumer is king. Therefore,the consumer must be accorded basic rights such as right to be heard,right to be educated,right to redress as well as right to safety.
“In realization of the above basic rights of the  telecom consumers, NCC as a telecom regulatory agency develops various programmes to empower consumers. One of such is the Consumer Town Meeting(CTM)”