NCC Halts MTN-Glo Disconnection


The Nigerian Communications Commission, NCC, has put brakes on the looming disconnection between two of the country’s telecom giants.

On January 8, 2024, the NCC had issued a Pre-Disconnection Notice and gave MTN Nigerian Communications Plc. (MTN) the green light to begin a phased disconnection of Globacom Limited (Glo) starting January 18, owing to a interconnection debt dispute.

The NCC, aware of the chaos such a move could cause, continued mediate between the parties and the relentless efforts bore fruit as the NCC recently announced that MTN and Glo have reached an agreement.

The Commission, has put a pause on the disconnection for 21 days and expects that MTN and Glo will iron out their issues within this timeframe.

The NCC stands firm on the stance that all telecom operators must clear their interconnect debts. Operating companies are reminded that sticking to the terms and conditions of their licenses, especially interconnection agreements, is not optional.