Media Stakeholders Launch CNF, To Promote Skills Acquisition In Nigeria


A group of Information and communication technology (ICT) media stakeholders,have launched a Cloud Network Foundation (CNF), which is focused on enhancing advocacy for skills acquisition among youths through local content in ICT.

The practitioners, according to a statement on Sunday, said policy direction and implementation have accorded little attention to local content, adding that skills building for youths to excel in the ICT ecosystem has also been neglected.

Chairman, CNF, Abimbola Tooki, Speaking at the inaugural meeting, said,

Chairman, CNF, Abimbola Tooki

“Nigeria has many unexploited potentials. We can move from a consuming nation to a producing one in a few years in the ICT ecosystem, and over 20 million of our youths can be lifted out of poverty every year if they have the right information, guidance, enabling environment and skills at their disposal if we take the right steps.”

The Cloud Network Foundation (CNF) aims to “give a powerful voice” to stakeholders in the media, businesses, community and government on the relevance of ICT in economic and national development.