How To Make A Relationship Work- Expert



How To Make A Relationship Work – Expert
By Temilola Amos

A marriage counselor, Sherry Moore disclosed recently that many relationships are snapping lose and domestic violence are increasing on daily basis owing to lost value.
Speaking to Gtechnews in Lagos, she said relationship are often connected either by blood or marriage.
“Nowadays, we tend to misunderstand what relationship means. Most people, especially teenagers see it as a romantic or sexual involvement. But relationship has to do with bond. A connection, which involves love should be present but tolerance and trust should never be absent”.
She explained that while some families are related by blood,they don’t have the connection and love is missing in their relationships.
“And some parents don’t trust their children. While some children can’t tolerate their parents because there’s no mutual connection between them.
Relationship between lovers nowadays is chaotic and lacks trust because there’s no genuine love present.
“Some marriages still get annihilated just because it lacks proper planning , communication and trust. However, we can make a smooth relationship via communication, there should be a steady conversation. But some conversations can also make relationships go wrong , they can lead to unproductive arguments .
“When discussing avoid blame, defensiveness and stonewalling.Don’t make groundless accusations with your partner. Do not make judgments but tell each other things ,don’t keep secrets, don’t deceive your partner .
Moore harped that there should always be a window of apologies and forgiveness.
“Make a commitment to yourself, try to always make things right, and you’ll surly make a smooth relationship”,she said.