Life is Expensive, Cost of Living is Flying, What Next?

Wait a second! What’s going on? You and your neighbour were at Costco, (This is a wholesale store with several branches in different parts of Canada and the US) to do the usual groceries. At the checkout, we realized that the usual CD$100 ain’t enough to settle the bill.

Having received the receipt, you hear your neighbour’s exclamation and people in the queue and the cashier looks at her. You wondered what it was until she took her cart and started to match each item with the price to be sure that they correlated with the total on the receipt.
Of course, some cashiers could outsmart customers but in this case, the total figure reconciled perfectly with goods purchased.

Eggs, fruits, veggies, bread, coffee, shampoos, detergents and washing liquids are now gradually soaring out of the reach of the common man.
The Dollarama store is not ‘dollarising‘ anymore because what people buy at cheaper prices has gone to the rooftops. Dollarama is a Canadian dollar store retail chain that has over 1500 stores and is active in all of Canada.
Even the seniors are complaining bitterly. You hear them lament all the time during discussions,’ This is horrible! Everything is very expensive.
Yes, even though life is very expensive and the cost of living is flying, what next?
Some people have yet to complete their tax payments up till now because life is becoming like an artiste who is fast losing ovations on stage.
When friends and relatives in other countries complain about how tough things are becoming, you just laugh and let them know that it’s a global cancer affecting both the rich and the poor.
Someone just asked if truly the rich are affected. Trust yours truly, the rich also cry, yes, they do and only the aloofness covers it all.
Cost of living illustration
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Not only groceries price gone up because of inflation, but others like gas, energy( electricity)and insurance companies have hiked premiums. The cost of living in general is causing panic attacks everywhere.
Now, almost all the landlords have increased rent by 100 percent as of December 2023 depending of course which province and where such a house or apartment is located.
You were just too livid in December; with your landlord and quoted the law to him and refused to sign a new lease (which you do yearly of course) and after the response, you just want to let go because the cost of repairs and materials have skyrocketed too.
What is happening? Don’t know and the Canadian government has promised to alleviate this inflation, the common man is waiting while still pleading profusely. Even the food banks are crying out that supplies are no longer enough for the tons of people who visit daily.
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