It’s In You


It’s In You

It’s in you is the pay off for a particular advertisement in Nigeria years back and now it seems to resonate like never before.
Most times people complain of bad, selfish, greedy governance that has high incidence of corruption and wickedness in all ramification whereas they are the  ‘Beautyful ones (who) are not yet born’ just like Ayi Kwei Amah’s book.
Based on countless hardship and no futuristic hope for the country of origin, many people migrated to foreign lands in view of a better life for themselves and their generations yet unborn. While many of them migrated, still blaming bad leadership and governance, the system still runs in them.
A chimpanzee cannot become a dog and a sheep will never transform into a goat. What you are, no matter the transformation is still you except by divine transformation and nudge of the life after.
It’s In You. How on earth, someone who claim to want a new lease of life and fresh air will dabble into evil?
Last week read about Theophilus Ugwu, a promising 23 year- old young man who was sentenced to death in Vietnam for trafficking six kilos of methamphetamine.
His football career also ended just like that over nothing. Sad and painful because he could be anyone’s son but the society pushed him too far.
The society who keep making comparison of people who have made it,forgetting the fact that everyone has their time.
When Jesus Christ was pressurized at the marriage in Cana of Galilee for a miracle by his earthly mother, Mary. He simply told her, “My hour has not come”.
Ugwu allowed people’s opinion about wealth to overwhelm his good judgement of what he would have grown to be thereby leaving his family in despair and disappointment.
You love money,everyone does but it should be done in a legal way.
And others who do not understand that many  immigrants who work their ass out to earn legitimate income have loads of bills and taxes to pay too.
You joke always that even the super star Musician, Davido A.K. A OBO, if he decides to live finally in US or Canada, he would run back to Nigeria because of tax.
Everyone should be accountable irrespective of the country of origin. Just like the Bible teaches on being held accountable for every word and action that you may take.
That brings you back to how a Nigerian wanted to ruin another Nigerian in Canada last week.

The Bible talked about inventors of evil things. A Nigerian dropped off bags full of Marijuana for shipment claiming to be goods.
Why can’t people leave their past lives or what the society expect of them but become what God wants. Tough, you guess.
It’s in You. When a brother wants to put another brother in trouble then it’s not the witches and wizards of the village troubling such but the evil in him.
And by putting others life in jeopardy some people make money and flaunt it on social media and will blast Teniola Apata’s billionaire song:

I wanna be a billionaire
Billionaire, yeah yeah
I wanna be a billionaire
Billionaire yeah eeeh eeh!

Iyalaya anybody oh, anybody oh yeah
(Yeh yeh yeh, yeh yeh)
Otedola o lori meji oh, lori meji oh yeah
(Yeh yeh yeh, yeh yeh yeh)
I wanna be a billionaire, billionaire yeah yeah
(Yeh yeh yeh, yeh yeh yeh)
I wanna be a billionaire, billionaire yeah yeah
(Yeh yeh yeh, yeh yeh yeh)

I wanna wake up in a Lamborghini, aie
I wan chop life for Santorini
Make money touch the ceiling
Oouuuh yeahooooh yeah yeah.

No problem,wake up even in the moon or even in the belly of a mermaid but do so legally and not put anyone in trouble. Even Otedola had challenges when he made some bad business decisions before he got back. Most people do not read about biographies and interviews of influential and rich people but only want to flaunt wealth and compete with them.
People who work hard for their money do not flaunt their wealth and don’t be amazed that they neither go for latest Iphones. Ask people close to Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg,Aliko Dangote or Leo Stan Ekeh the model of their phones. They hardly sleep and are less concerned on upgrade but what comes into their accounts through legitimates business.

Remember the law of Karma. It’s in you.

See you next week.