I Stand With Meghan


I stand with Meghan

Today is mothering Sunday and the best time to talk about a special woman: Duchess of Sussex is now.

Yes, I stand with Meghan. The same Meghan Markle, the American actress, who is married to Prince Harry.

Before the interview, you remembered telling a colleague that the interview would be an exposé of the monarchy.

As a journalist, you know those questions to push to get an earth shaking interview and tough nuts like Oprah Winfrey, one of the finest talk show host and Christiane Amanpour, a celebrated journalist are role models. And of course, Channels Political anchor in Nigeria, Mr. Seun Okinbaloye also has similar vibe

The initial reaction was “Oh the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would disrupt the 1200 years of the British monarchy by being blatantly and expensively honest”.

Anyone who has been trapped in a religion, cult or tradition would resonate with Meghan especially when the resultant effect lies in mental health.

A mental health that makes one a high suicidal risk is the worst that could ever happen to anyone not even an enemy.

Image credit: Royal-Photographer-Samir-Hussein

Some may argue that she was an actress and could fake any emotion but her body language and statements were enough for the world to see that there is always a sad tale in a wealthy home.

Most people endure ill treatment because of the affluence and social media gig.  Others suffer because of the ‘ what will people say clause?”

To hell with whatever people may say or the norm. And that is still the reason many suffer in silence from different abuse and discrimination.

In the Duchess case, she lost everything including ordinary right to be just Meghan. She was truly trapped. She couldn’t go anywhere even to a coffee shop except approved by ‘The Firm’.

From her experience, freedom is an expensive gift with the royals.

Perhaps the most condescending is the racist remark made by one of the senior royals about Archie, her son before he was born.

Whether black or white, it doesn’t really matter according to the king of pop, Michael Jackson but being white matters to the royals.

Maybe, Meghan should have researched the family before she fell madly in love with the Queen’s favorite grandson. If she had, she would never have allowed anyone to goad her into a psychological trauma.

A family that the world still look suspiciously for allegedly killing the People’s Princess and her husband’s mother,Lady Diana.

The Princess of Wales offences vary from trying to outshine the Queen, divorcing Prince Charles and for the effrontery in getting a better life with an Arab prince.

Post Traumatic Syndrome Disorder (PTSD); never go away because similar situation may trigger it. It can’t be cured but can only be managed.

Some people may never know how hurting or damaging sarcastic statements could cut right into the soul before trolling or shaming others.

You sincerely hope that the Queen and the firm adjust by doing the needful, though you cast the other eye at the Queen. If truly she loved her grandson and Meghan rather than strip her grandson of his titles and entitlement, there should have been serious ‘grandmother and grandson talk, after all a popular quote says, when in doubt call grandmother.

For the royals, Meghan many sins may have included being black, being married before and divorced, as well as trying to steal the ‘show’ from the future Queen; Kate Middleton.

Unfortunately, the Duchess allegedly has a terrible father who would do anything, just anything for fame and money to destroy his daughter.

Family protects but not Mr. Thomas Markle.

Anyways, your silent prayer is for Meghan Markle not to go the way Lady Diana went. The monarchy may go to any length to silence her forever. But the world is watching and silently observing.

Happy Mothers Day to all strong women in the world.

See you next week.