Et Tu Pondei, Akpabio?


Et Tu Pondei,  Akpabio?

Some couple of years ago, some colleagues and I were guests of Samsung Electronics in Istanbul, Turkey and the huge reception right from the Ataturk international Airport by citizen was overwhelming because they heard that we were Nigerians.

Their first question was, ‘How is JayJay Okocha? The footballer had once played in Turkey. Without asking for favours, the natives made us very comfortable. And Prince Osuagwu; my colleague from Vanguard enjoyed the undiluted attention because he claimed to be Okocha’s elder brother.

Coat of Arms
Nigeria’s coat of arms

From Istanbul, Dubai, Thailand, Germany, Kenya and the United States, the love and attention organisers, natives display and their varying comments like ‘Nigeria is a great country, Nigerians are happy people, and Nigerians are quite intelligent among others were overwhelming. Suddenly things changed. The love and respect from outside waned because some politicians and appointees entrusted with responsibilities changed all that accolades.

Et Tu Pondei, Akpabio?

Now, many people would love to faint including the embryo in the womb. The fainting episode of Daniel  Pondei, former Chairman, Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC was an epic and the changed statement of Senator Godswill Akpabio was a blockbuster.

The question is, when will politicians stop making Nigeria look stupid in the eyes of the world? No wonder, President of the United States of America,  Donald Trump called Nigeria a shithole country. Even the presidency was embarrassed to ask Trump to retract  or even sue him for slander.

Irrespective of that we can ask everyone to calm down, according to Oreofeoluwa Babalola, the young lad who became a celebrity over night on social media because of his power of negotiation, explanatory and persuasive skills, which most Nigerian politicians lack.

Nigeria may never get any debt pardon by the IMF because of the non prudent way political actors operate. During the analogue era many benefited especially the free education scheme with much accountability. Now, the current digital age has helped money to fly to several places. Currencies in billions and trillions keep flying and when called for probe, they slump or display one drama after the other without giving a reasonable explanation.

President Buhari

Yes, the Nigerian president had dissolved the NDDC but what happens thereafter? I am sure His Excellency, Muhammadu Buhari would be amazed at the people’s attitude he entrusted with responsibilities. When will there be equity? Nigerian Politicians get richer and the people who voted them to power are at the receiving ends.

A virtual message chronicled how $12 billion helped make Dubai, a mega city from a desert. While NDDC started in 2000 with a whopping sum of $40 billion and had nothing to show for it.

Senator Akpabio, may not be enmeshed totally in corruption and embezzlement but he ought to know better than say something that could not be substaianted. Why couldn’t he just mention the names of people and businesses who benefited from the contracts or largesse of the NDDC?  And if he was threatened, he could just have told whoever,  ‘If you threaten me, I will Akpabio you’, by borrowing late Godwin Daboh’s statement:’ If you Tarka me, I go Daboh you‘, when he revealed  Joseph Tarka’s atrocities many years ago.

Nigeria is one week, one drama. Nigeria is a drama queen. Why must corruption be the first and last name of Nigeria despite the presidency efforts to stop this hydra headed demon?

One  thing that could  stop corruption, according to a friend, Ifadayo Obembe, include ‘Olugbohun’, unquestionable voodoo from Ijebu Ode or Ife with the emphasis on ‘ If  I steal  tax payers money, let me be crippled within 24 hours’, in addition to the use of the Holy Bible and the Holy Quran .

Obembe added that government could use Ayilala, another potent god to ensure that monies that politicians embezzle or currencies swallowed by anaconda or monkeys are found.

Lobatan, Pronto, C’est finir! And Nigeria would be great again.

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