‘Don’t  Be A Superhero, Take Time To Relax’

Comrade Ekine

‘Don’t  Be A Superhero, Take Time To Relax’


Chairperson, Nigeria Association of Women journalists, Lagos chapter,  Comrade Adeola Ekine has advised members and every woman in the country to take some time off to relax when the body needs it and not act as Superheros.

Comrade Ekine

Ekine disclosed that June 28 has been slated as a day of fasting to avert any more death of members.

The mandatory fasting , according  to the number one member would be accompanied by virtual prayers.

She said; “It has been quite disheartening that we have been losing some of our members, our friends and fellow sisters in the past few weeks. In one week we lost three members. It is quite sad and demoralizing but I pray that the Lord will give us, the families and colleagues of the deceased the fortitude to bear the loss.

“I want to urge us as sisters to lend a helping and supporting hand to others, this is the time we need to stay united. We don’t know what others are going through; words of encouragement, support and care can go a long way at this time”.

The number one member of state’s chapter also said that she was a phone call away, if any member would want to talk to someone because “We understand that ‘talking is a huge therapy and you can speak with a sister”.

She further urged women to go for health routine checks, exercise regularly, take care of their health and environment.


“This is no time to be a superhero, get rest when you are burn out. We multitask a lot as women and need to take time off when we have that tell tale signs. During the July congress, we will have a health practitioner to talk to us about how to take care of our health as women.

“I pray that this bad occurrence will cease in our midst, the Lord will keep us all safe, we will not reduce in number in Jesus name. Please COVID-19 is real, let’s all ensure we stay safe and adhere strictly to all the safety measures by  the government and health practitioners”.

Recall that Nawoj lost Mrs Aramide Praise Oikelome (Former Head of Religious Desk, Daily Independent), Naomi Uzor of Vanguard Newspaper and Nkiruka Udom of African Independent Television (AIT) in quick succession.