Craft is Life- Badejo Omo Tailor

Badejo Omo Tailor
Craft is Life – Badejo Omo Tailor
A Lagos based fashion designer, Badejo Micheal known as Omo Tailor said craft is life because it is interwoven in the existence of creation.
Based on that ideology, he created a platform for emerging talents, crafts and skills in various industries of Art, music and fashion.
Badejo Omo Tailor

Badejo, in a chat with Gtechnews entertainment, disclosed that the Nigerian economy, his love for crafts and fashion made him create LAVAPOPFEST Foundation for young talents, who wants to showcase their works but do not have the right channels to do so.

He said: “I graduated from Adeleke University and ventured into craft because craft is life, and everything in life is crafted.
“Omo Tailor  came into existence  in 2016. My late father was a British trained bespoke tailor who was the founder of Badejo Tailoring   service that operated at Surulere, Ogunlana drive in the 70s.”
Speaking on his recent designs, the Ondo state  indigene said, “My collection of ‘Olowo Eko‘ is an inspiration that popped up as theme for the second quarter of the year. Olowo Eko in Yoruba language means Lagos money bags.
 Invariably, Olowo Eko collections is targeted at deep pockets Lagosians and prospective rich Lagosians. I can say that one of our clients is Davido, the musician. And with time, we will create a theme for the people of Owo in Ondo State and every other states across the country. We are affordable and do not dissapoint our clients”.
Omo Tailor at work

Who are your target market?

Everyone is a major client as long as I am your fashion designer and stylist.
Where do you source your material?
I source material both locally and internationally.
How do you see yourself in 5 years?
I see my self styling the world.
Who inspires you?
My mentor  have always been my late father  who founded Badejo Tailoring Service. Watching my father right from childhood sew different clothes, made me decide I would be a tailor one day.
Badejo Omo Tailor

Advice to unemployed graduates.

For unemployed graduates I will advice you create job for yourselves by taking risk.The world is leveraging on artistry and technology. The point is be creative.