Covid-19,  Who Dun nit?


Covid-19,  Who Dun nit?

 A couple of months ago, the world was rudely shaken by the untimely death of Kobe Bryant, a basketball legend who died with his daughter Gigi and eight others in a helicopter crash.

Relatives and fans were worst hit by his death and in the midst of mourning his death, several version of probable cause of his death went viral including some cartoons that long predicted his death.

The Simpson Cartoon of 2016: ‘Legend of Chamberlain Heights ‘ showed the legend dying in a crash while refusing to hand over his famous title.

Some critics believe that it cannot be a coincidence. That some spiritual powers may have been involved to be able to predict accurately where and how the legend will eventually die.

Fast forward to March, the first coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19), started spreading to the world after it originated in Wuhan, China in December 2019.

Coronavirus (image source Getty)

Coronavirus was a gradual spread that refused to be contained. The pandemic took everyone by storm and world leaders tried their best possible to salvage the economy, few leaders politicised it and huge death toll was recorded and is still being recorded.

And the world health organization(WHO), became helpless and overwhelmed at a point.

It was a shattering experience. A colossal and monumental loss. With the reality on ground, one wonders, if there was a conspiracy theory somewhere or is it the Holy book prediction of the end time coming to play?

Better still, is there a spiritual metaphor linked with virulence and cataclysmic invasion that appears as an unwanted guest? Is this a conspiracy theory of some sort?  If it is a manipulation of scientific elevation, then who dun nit?

Some friends sent me WhatsApp  clips of a Netflix  movie, ‘Contagion’, directed by Steven Soderberg, and four others; ‘My Secret Terrus’ released in 2018, ‘Death Zone’ released in 2013 and ‘Osaka Flu’ released in 1993 centred on coronavirus  in 2030 and we are in 2020.  The actors  brought to life the ‘Now’.  In those separate movies emphasis were on coronavirus symptoms, origin of the virus (China), deaths and the potential solution: Chloroquine, a medication used for malaria in Africa before it was abolished.

Netflix logo

Some frightening coinage or let’s call them new phrases  that are now trending like social distancing, lockdown, physical protective equipment (PPE), hand washing, masks wearing and emphasis on sanitizers were projected in these movies. 

Are all these coincidences ? Probably not. Just like a friend of mine, Teddy Jimenez opinionated, “These things could not have been mere coincidences. Our lives are orchestrated to suit their plan.  We are like puppets in the hand of the puppeteer.” 

Microscopic view of Coronavirus, a pathogen that attacks the respiratory tract. Analysis and test, experimentation.

These films displayed the outbreak as it were. Is COVID-19 truly a script,  is the world the stage and the actors ,the  inhabitants ? 

Quite confusing.

The movies projected and dissected scenarios bits by bits just like the creation story in the Holy book.  The Holy Book quoted God as saying, ‘Even before you were born I knew you.’  (Jeremiah 1:5).

There are several ‘Maybes’ and ‘What Ifs’ that shrouded the COVID-19 theory.  They sounded so eerie.

These movies were probably sponsored to alert the world of the danger to come but no one actually took notice of that. Possibly warn of the disruption of peace, the propaganda as created by some world leaders to score political points.  

The question is,  why jeopardise million of  lives in this clash of the titans? Why?

The last time that I checked, only the Supreme Being has the ultimate power to give the ‘Breath of life’.

Frontliners who daily risk their lives

Yes, medically, a baby can be produced with the assistance of technology through in vitro fertilisation (IVF), but it still needs a sperm, ovary and womb to survive. No sculptor can mould clay in human form and breathe life into it. Not seen any sculptor or scientist yet  that are able to achieve that creation feat.

Even if man evolves according to notable scientists like Erasmus Darwin and Charles Darwin, the evolutionary process also pass through some genetic factors and process.

If scientific process could not explain the breath of life,  why would anyone score a point with lives ?

Why halt the world economy? Why allow  several thousands of deaths and millions of people to be out of job for no reason in the last three months?

An African proverb states that when two elephants fight, the grass suffers.

Even the Holy One is sad about the large turnout of events (Genesis 6:6) and He promised in (Genesis 6:3) not to fight with mankind anymore because humans are simply flesh. Why then will brothers kill each other, country drown each other in virus to settle a score?

Coronavirus or Covid-19 is a threat to human existence and the question is who dun nit?

If the Holy book promised the rainbow  (Genesis 9:13),(#Cavabienaller, #thistooshallpass, #weareinthistogether), why can’t the predictions of gloom and doom be shielded and peace reign supreme? As at yesterday, the world recorded  over 4 789 205 cases and 318 789 deaths including seniors, young children and working class age bracket. These people are someone’s loved ones.

Could COVID-19 be a scientific assassination?

WorldAnd if the whole COVID-19 is not a conspiracy theory or scientific assassination, then what is it?

It then brings to the surface, late pop legend, Michael Jackson’s heal the world song:

Heal the world

Make it a better place

For you and for me

And the entire human race

There are people dying

If you care enough for the living

Make it a better place

For you and for me.

Keep a date with me next Sunday.