COVID-19: Parents, Guardians Vent Concerns On Schools Resumption 

COVID-19: Parents, Guardians Vent Concerns On Schools Resumption


Parents and guardians are becoming worrisome about the possibility of the federal government allowing the resumption of schools soon and whether their children or wards will not contract the deadly virus when they resume.

Some of them believed that it could be very dangerous especially for those nursery classes because they are innocent and may just want to hug their mates that they have not seen for a long time.

One of the parents, Mrs Vivian Komolaran said, “Toddlers are quite innocent and they just don’t understand how real or how bad COVID-19 is in the real world. No matter the physical distancing put in place during class or playtime. How do you stop a four , five year old from touching or playing with eachother? I believe that it still not safe now and I want to beg the government to extend the resumption for these little ones”.

Kuburat  Opeifa, a guardian explained that though the children have continued to eat like gluttons and are too playful at home but not withstanding, it is better than allowing them to go back to school now and get infected with this deadly virus.

“They are very sensitive and their immunity may not be that strong.We pray that the welfare of these children are put into consideration by the government”, she said.

However, Ifedoyin Ogogomiogo said that Nigerian government ought to take decisive action to solve this problem and not  propose unrealistic “home feeding” program for students.

“Now would have been the time for the former Osun State governor, Mr Rauf Aregbesola, serving in this cabinet as  minister to propose ‘Opon-Imo’ tablet for every child but he truly didn’t have it in him to provide solution.The need to start restructuring  schools and the educational curriculum to provide complete learning is now.Just as the need to build hospitals and healthcare facility has dawned on them as the pandemic revealed their failures in healthcare, it is also testing and exposing failure to deliver quality, and provide  access to proper learning and education.

Donald Phillips, another parent said that “We may just be wasting our speech because there is nothing we say or do that may change the minds of these political leaders.We as parents have a lot of work to do at this point in time because no one will do it for our children.

Some private schools have already started embarking on online studies and initiating coding subject as well, imagine where parents are not financially ok what happens to their children?”