Chroma Adds Twitter Co- Founder To Its Board


Chroma, an audio visual consulting and project management firm based in Vancouver, Canada. Has added a Twitter co-founder to its board.

The company announced today that the Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, previously an angel investor in Chroma, will join the company’s board of directors

“to contribute his expertise in areas like design, product development, filmmaking, and scaling brands.”

Over the years, Stone has backed a number of companies, including Square, Pinterest, Slack, Nest, Intercom, and Beyond Meat, where he now chairs the Nominating and Governance Committee.

Biz Stone

Stone said what initially appealed to him about the Swedish audiovisual company Chroma was its CEO and founder, Andreas Pihlström, who he met by way of an introduction from Pinterest co-founder Evan Sharp.

Pihlström had previously worked as a creative director, design advisor, designer, and prototyper at Pinterest, Beats Music, and VSCO.