Before Code Blue

“What time is it?”
“How’s the weather today?”

“I wanna die,”

“Don’t pray to get old,”
“I am too tired.”
These were 95 percent sampled daily questions and phrases of seniors in Canada that you happened to have worked with. They all have similar things in common. They were once youth, healthy, agile, and working-class worked, as in worked hard all their lives, taking overtime shifts as much as they could. And, of course, paying their taxes.
Suddenly, old age set in, gradually reducing their mobility, sexual desires, and agility to almost zero.
Mr. Arik Azoulay
You attended a workshop recently in Montreal, Quebec, organized by the Azoulay Group where Mr. Arik Azoulay, the speaker, who is also the Chief Executive Director of the organization, Illustrated saying, ‘Imagine you had everything going for you, you go to work,  you do things independently like shower, brushing of teeth and driving your car. You take care of your pets, get married (if lucky), start having children and great-grandchildren, and somehow, some diseases unexpectedly crop up, and everything is taken from you. You have been medically and legally banned from driving the car and living alone because of arthritis or Lewy disease or dementia etc. etc., or the fact that you become bedridden and whisked to a nursing home. And you have come to depend on caregivers consciously or unconsciously for daily activities, ADL.”
As if that is not enough, while still living, caregivers and sometimes nurses refer to their room numbers rather than their names.
Azoulay, often referred to as the Boss’s boss, cited that some seniors may not have undressed before in front of strangers but have no choice or right frame to reject different caregivers who come to do their ADL.
Most may sound like broken records, especially when they meet understanding caregivers. However, some of them could be impossible and would take quiet Angel Gabriel to be calm after being frustrated.
Mr.Azoulay and me, shortly after the workshop.
As Azoulay pointed out, “As one grows older, character sprouts fort which could make sweet people become super sweet and tough people become super tough and grumpy.”
Whatever the case, this is a new year; like the seniors, some people, if lucky, would get old, while others may not. What is the expectation of how to be treated before code blue?
Be kind.
Work smart.
Go for periodic medical check-ups.
Have fun, take off your problem.
And above all, don’t forget the Godhead.
See you next week.