And MO Bows To Death 


And MO Bows To Death


Without any premonition on Wednesday, October 15, 2020, you woke up to pee in the middle of the night and a glimpse at the phone revealed 10 missed calls and a message (usually, phone was always in silent mode to get good sleep at night).

Mrs Aina

You read the single message from MO‘s first child, uncle Femi Odus, “MO is late this morning”.

Late ba bawo? (Lateness in what sense?), was the quiet question in mind.

You called back and got the devastating message that the Matriarch of the Shoteye’s family was gone. It was a death not right.

Your elder sister, Senior Mother in Israel (Mrs.). Florence Olufunmilayo Aina was dead.  Meanwhile, you had lost an elder sister, Mrs. Olubodunrin Durojaiye to the cold hands of death on January 6, 2020.

Two deaths within a year.

Who have you offended?

Why has your Chi slept?

Where was Angel Michael to ward off this death?

Why couldn’t MO wait a little longer?

Why was heaven in a haste?

All questions but no answers.


MO, who was born on May 10, 1940, was your father’s third child. She was over 40 years old, married with grown children: Mr Femi Odu-Aina and Matron Ebunoluwa Badejo before your father, the unrepentant polygamist, Chief Emmanuel Adebowale Shoteye married your mother, who was mixed blood of Cameroun and Oke Agbe (Akoko North West, Ondo, Nigeria).

The marriage produced you and your twin and you grew up to know MO as your second mother.

MO loved, nurtured all in equality and made sure the Shoteye’s legacy was well protected. Even after your father’s death, MO will check on you once a week and of course with gifts.

Just like MO, so was your brother, the fourth son of your father, Pastor Bolaji Shoteye who died in Germany a year ago. They loved you because it was you.

MO simply means mother. She was a no nonsense human being. Highly disciplined and will tell the truth even if she was killed.

Most people who knew the Shoteyes from Ake south, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria,could attest to the fact that they were not born to be diplomatic when it comes to telling the truth.

Words were jamming for you. Your eyes were watery. Tears would not just stop flowing. How do you describe your second mother?

MO, the only beautiful albino whom everyone called sisi Oyinbo (White lady) was a woman of many parts. All husbands married to the Shoteye’s daughters feared but loved her.

She was a mediator. A reconciliator. No matter how difficult a quarrel was, MO will restore and mediate between two people. The defender of her sisters. She was loyal to a fault and loved everyone unconditionally.

You would miss everything MOistic including the way she mouths your middle name Oyebogbon.

The mother of six children was fiesty.You remembered during any argument, she would say, “Ma ba mi so nonsense Oyebogbon!”(Don’t tell me nonsense).

MO was loved by almost everyone.

Don’t even know if you were making sense anymore as the mother of all mothers decided to go the ways of all mortals.

Was she sick? Not at all. She woke up at her usual time, did her morning prayers, according to reports. And her breathing became laboured. Not even the Salbutamol inhaler could help.


MO was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Three days earlier, she had told your nephew Ademola (Mosco) that she wasn’t going to die soon and promised to be there. But she broke her promise and gave the last bow.

Not yet Goodbye but Goodnight MO.

We loved you but God loves you best.


See you tomorrow on Periscope again.