Why Women Now Refuse Marriage Proposal


Why Women Now Refuse Marriage Proposal
By Olabisi Olaleye and Pelumi Olaleye

Yesteryears, a woman’s joy is to be proposed to and takes the man to her parents for approval but not anymore. As most women prefer to live the life of a single parent rather than be burdened into a presumptuous lifeless and loveless marriage.
According to a investigation conducted by Gtechnews,not less than 70 percent of single ladies globally, do not want to get married. And questions asked by men concerning why women are refusing marriage proposals are neither here nor there because some men said that they don’t want any ties too.
However, Betty Nwadibia, a Canada based career woman, in an interview conducted by Gtechnews said, many women don’t want to stay glued to a man out of what society wants but what they want.
Said she: “In a relationship, the more you get closer to a person, the more you begin to see their flaws clearly.
“Those flaws can either make your relationship stronger or destroy it. But most times, it destroys it, if it’s not handled with maturity. It’s really scary to discover that you don’t love the same person you use to love.”
Gtechnews also discovered from Nigeria, Ghana, US, Canada to any part of the world now, many women prefer a life without attachment. For instance, many ladies have consented to becoming baby mamas. Thereby, preferring to give birth outside wedlock, because they believe being married could make them lose their independence and their way of lives.
According to a single mum, Funmi Alao, being married and staying married is not the same cup of tea. And these days, men are not making cohabitation easy like our parents had.
Alao who resides in South Carolina, United States said, “When you get married as a woman, there are some things that you need to do away with. Things like, limiting the kind of places you go to, intentionally reducing your circle of friends, while men enjoy all the freedom they want. Mostly , men act as if women are being done a favour in getting married.Things have changed, what is good for the geese is also good for the gander”
However, some women are simply scared of the change in behavior exhibited by their spouse after marriage.
Uriel Benita, an upwardly mobile woman based in Australia said, “I get scared to get married because of what I have heard, read and seen about marriages. I know of a newly married couple, her husband beats her at the slightest opportunity. The marriage is just three months old. I got to speak with the wife, and she told me her husband never raised his hands on her during courtship. The husband started beating her two days after their wedding.
“To some women, they simply cannot cope with the cheating syndrome, because in our society it is believed that cheating is justifiable in men and not accepted in women”.
Meanwhile, Loraine Amah, a divorcee and single mum in Ghana said, “I won’t be able to stand it if my husband cheats. I won’t be happy, i can’t live an unhappy lifestyle. Cheating has eaten deeply into our culture. It is a bad habit that has become acceptable at the detriment of the woman’s happiness.” She said.