Winners To Clinch 5m At Re:Code Nigeria Hackathon 2018


Winners To Clinch 5m At Re:Code Nigeria Hackathon 2018
By Olabisi Olaleye

Following the success story of the previous year, the Africa Fintech Foundry (AFF) would hold the second edition of the //Re:Code Nigeria Hackathon this month(July 2018).
Themed: 2018 Data Hack, the event is slated to hold at the AFF Building,1216, Ibiyinka Olorunbe Close, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.
And winners, according to AFF stand chances of walking home with gifts worth N5 million.
According to the organiser, after the successful first edition of its Fintech conference, ‘AFF Disrupt 2017’, the //Re:Code Nigeria Hackathon 2018 is set to begin a chain of disruptive events which would set the tone for the biggest Fintech event of the year, AFF Disrupt 2018.
AFF further stated that //Re:Code Nigeria Hackathon 2018 aims to bring together multiple teams of talented developers, designers, problem-solvers, out-of-the-box thinkers, dreamers, doers, makers, and code magicians to solve these problems.
“The over arching objective of this edition is to create innovative solutions in response to the distinct challenges faced in some of Nigeria’s leading sectors: fast moving cconsumer goods, Agriculture and the financial services ecosystem as a whole. Buoyed by the support of industry giants like such as Unilever, Dell, AFEX, Microsoft, IBM, SaS and the likes, the //Re:Code Hackathon take on some of the biggest challenges in the ecosystem which includes leveraging big-data analytics, identity management and behavioural analysis to identify customers’ needs, providing investment advice and lending services. As well as financial Inclusion for the agricultural and related sectors with a focus on improving credit scoring and financing opportunities for small and medium scale operators.
AFF’s Business and Digital Solutions Architect, Adeleke Adekoya, believes the 2018 edition will be far greater than its predecessor.
“AFF remains fully committed to being at the forefront of the Fintech space in Nigeria and this edition of //Re:Code Nigeria Hackathon sets out to solve three of the biggest challenges the Ecosystem is facing today. We have received enormous support from our partners and with the technology available for participants to explore and leverage, we strongly believe the prototypes from the Hackathon will be of the highest standard. “The 2017 edition was great but I can assure you that the 2018 edition will take the Hackathon further in the global Fintech space”.
Buttressing Adekoya’s statement , Executive Director, Access Bank Plc, Ade Bajomo, said the coming of the Digital Age and its consequent disruptive influences is driving traditional financial services providers to either adapt or become obsolete.
“Only operators that understand the new demands of the market, leverage the emerging technologies, agile business practices, personalised customer preferences and work in partnership with Fintechs can continually adjust to market realities and deliver products that can satisfy the ever growing needs of customers”. He added that “Access Bank’s partnership with Africa Fintech Foundry solidifies our position as the “Digitally-led” bank and the solutions the //Re:Code Hackathon 2018 will bring to light will help drive better industry insights for the sectors and financial services providers”.