Will Motorola Razr Survive The Competitive Heat?


Will The Razr Survive The Competitive Heat?

By Olabisi Olaleye

Hello Moto! That was the signature ring tone and icing for any Motorola phone lovers in early 2000 before the manufacturer closed shop for lack of innovation.

It is no longer news that  Motorola Razr phone is making a comeback as a foldable phone. The once-popular flip phone may hit the stand next month (February) as a smartphone with a foldable screen and a starting price of $1,500 ( about N543,000) as disclosed by a source close to the organization. But what should be news ,is if it will live up to expectations and rise above the tide?

The question begging for an answer is, if the latest design will survive in the midst of stiffling competition from other manufacturers like Samsung,Apple,Tecno and Huawei who are far ahead in innovation?

A phone dealer in Computer Village, Ikeja  who pleaded anonymity said the younger generation may not really fancy the Razr but only the old school generation will go for it based on nostalgic attraction  but everything also points out to pricing.

“Just like Apple products that are soley created as status statement and have been accepted as such around the globe, Razr may strive really hard to compete in that category if its trying to capture just the elite alone.  However, time will tell,”he said.

Gtechnews gathered that Lenovo Group Inc., the phone manufacturer is partnering with Verizon Communications Inc.  to start selling the new Razr devices in the U.S. as soon as February. And that the device is still being tested.