Wife of PR Specialist Goes Home Amid Tears

Wife Of PR Specialist Goes Home Amid Tears
By Pelumi Olaleye
The wife of the Marketing Communications Specialist, VDT Communications Limited, Mr. David Ese was laid to rest at Atan Cemetery,Lagos amid tears by family members, friends, and members of staff of VDT Communications.
Mrs Gloria Eze, 52 years  journey to her final resting place began at the International Church of Christ, Eric Moore, Lagos, where a funeral service was held in her honour and encomiums were poured on her in remembrance of her good deeds.
Eze’s children
In a biography read by her eldest child, Victoria, the deceased was described as a woman full of great virtues of hard work, integrity, honesty and self-disciplined, which imbibed at a very early age from her late parents: Mr. David John Africs and Mrs. Atim Africs both of Itu Local Government Area of  Akwa Ibom State.
Late Mrs Eze was a Lagos girl having started her primary education at All Saint Anglican school 2, Yaba, Lagos, was a bright child at school who applied the lessons of hard work and diligence she learnt from home to her education.
Described by her husband as a supportive wife, an excellent adviser who helped her husband to make right and godly decisions, Gloria the last child in a nuclear family of 7, had three healthy and vibrant children; Victoria 17, Kingsly 15 and Promise 12.
According to her husband, David Eze she was a very dedicated wife who stood by him through thick and thin adding that she had a kind and friendly disposition to others.
He said with emotions that his amiable late wife was totally down to earth with others, always giving a listening ear and acted as an adviser and counsellor to the younger ones within and outside the church noting that she abhorred a flamboyance lifestyle, pomposity and pretence.
He said: “With Gloria ‘what you see is what you get’” saying that she preferred a moderate and quiet lifestyle and maintained few close friends.
The husband said that in their 18 years marriage, there has never been a time that he was called upon to settle a quarrel between her and any other person and she never brought her family any trouble.
Among those present at the church funeral service was the Managing Direction/CEO of VDT Communications Limited, Mr. Abiodun Omoniyi, VDT staff, friends and the media.