Who Is A Gentleman?


Who Is A Gentleman?
By Pelumi Olaleye

Questions like who is a gentleman? Do they exist? How can a gentleman be identified? How do i know if my partner is a gentleman? Are frequently asked.
According to , a relationship expert, Mr Felix Aderopo, a gentleman is a well-mannered man, who is always conscious about others feelings around him. He is someone who is not afraid to accept his faults.
It is also important to realise that a gentleman does not blame others for his misfortunes. He is always ready to apologize when at fault.
A feminist,Mrs Felicia Adesewa said “A gentleman is not a jobless man who feeds off women or through blackmail. He always aspires to be a better person. He thinks ahead of where he is.
“A gentleman does not involve himself in domestic violence. He does not show patraitorship. He believes that eveyone should be accorded same respect irrespective of the gender.”
She further stated that, a gentleman is a romantic man, he believes in expressing and sharing emotions. He does not force down his opinion on the opposite sex because he believes everyone deserves the right to be heard.
“A gentleman takes it as his responsibility to always flatter his woman, because be understands that women are naturally conscious of themselves and are always in need of praise to help them feel confident .

Also, a student of Lagos State Polytechnic,Miss Funke Gibite stated that, “A gentleman will always inspire his woman to be a better person. He inspires and encourages her to make great achievements. He is a strong force that pushes his woman to become the best in her field.
“Irrespective of his achievements or challenges, a gentleman is not egocentric towards his woman. He also shows special interests in her well-being and appearance.'”
A therapist , Dr Charles Nwosu emphasised that, a gentleman makes you feel loved, special and cherished. He trys as much as possible to always increase your self esteem.
“He would never ridicule you nor embarrass you knowingly, because he is always conscious of your emotions. A gentleman is someone you can trust and depend on. A man who would not betray your trust in him. He makes you feel secure about your position with him. He does not make you question his loyalty to you”.