Tips On Good Parenting Skills


Tips On Parenting Skills
By Pelumi Olaleye

Parenting is a gradual process of educating and raising a child from birth till adulthood. The role of parents in the early learning and shaping of social and emotional skills cannot be underestimated. The degree of parenting has a great influence on the cognitive behaviour on kids. Parenting can be difficult and time consuming.
These are some useful tips
Create time for your kids
Kids need attention from parents. Setting out time to take your kids out to fun places helps boost their self esteem, and widen their knowledge.
Be consistent in your rewards or punishment: Be steady in purpose and action.
Be observant
Pay attention to your child’s behavior or attitude towards a particular thing, friend or a family member. Or a gradual change in interest.
Do not be predictable
When kids notice that they can predict a certain way you handle a situation, they take advantage of it to their benefit, which can be a disaster in most cases.
Be friendly
Creating a good relationship with your kid starts from a friendly atmosphere. Kids tend to be able to express themselves freely with a friendly person, not someone who looks scary.
Be a good listener
Always listen to whatever your kids have to say, do not interrupt. Ask open ended questions and repeat to them what you heard.
Help your child learns to express himself: help your child communicates how he feels. Use words like, ‘Are you excited about the party?’, ‘Are you angry?’, ‘You seem upset’
Praise your kids
Praise your kids when they do something well. Be specific in your praises. Reward desirable behavior as much as possible by giving verbal praise.