How Social Media Wrecks Relatioships,Marriages


How Social Media Wrecks Relationships, Marriages
By Pelumi Olaleye
Originally social media was created to reunite lost friends, making it easier to communicate with people all over the world since the world has since become a global village through social media.
However, social media has strained many relationships and marriages because users of social media have become addicted to their mobile phones. Due to this, details to personal needs, like the mood of their partner, important things that needs to be discussed in a relationship are no longer valid.
A relationship expert, Mrs Titilayo Adesuwa, said in an interview conducted by Gtech news that social media has increased the rate of jealousy in a relationship.
“A survey has shown that unconsciously, jealousy in relationships has increased to 79 per cent since the introduction of social media.
“Social media increases the rate at which people cheat on their partner. A research conducted showed that 60 per cent of men who cheat on their partners, found the women they chat with on social media.”
A psychologist , Dr Harrison Stone said , why relationships do not stand the test of time these days is because people date all because their partner are famous on social media; thereby expecting their relationship to be flaunted on social media.
“Relationships are expected to be flaunted on social media. When it is not flaunted, it brings in insecurity. A partner would start wondering if his/her significant other cares about him/her.
“Social media has increased the rate at which partners spy at each other. Some that spy on their partner end up confirming that their partner is cheating on them, while some misunderstand the relationships between their partner and a friend. This has caused a lot of breakups in relationships today”.
Meanwhile, a parent , Mr Koyode Komolafe, said that “Not everyone has to know about how strong your relationship is on social media, because not everyone is comfortable with you being in a relationship with your partner. Do not expose too much on social media.”