Simple Tips On Building Healthy Relationships


Simple Tips On Building Healthy Relationships

By Pelumi Olaleye

Building a healthy and happy relationship involves a lot of commitments from both parties. Relationship would always have challenges, but what matters is the ability to deal with those challenges without breaking out of it or hurting each other’s feelings.

Compliments each other

compliment is an expression of praise. Say things like, you look good, nice shirt or nice shoes, and mean it. It is healthy in a relationship and shows that you notice the physical appearance of your partner.
Use words like ‘thank you, you’re welcome, wow, after getting a surprise from your partner goes a long way in a relationship because it shows that you love and respect each other. It also shows that you do not take each other for granted.

Spend quality time together

A relationship gets boring or irrelevant when both parties do not spend enough time together. A relationship is active when both parties take time off to visit unfamiliar places. Either a restaurant, or a trip to another town or country. Trips like this makes you closer or fond of each other, it brings memories you both can connect to, which makes a relationship stronger.

Surprise your partner with gifts

Little gifts like a pair of shoes, a perfume, a bracelet or wrist watch can go a long way in reminding your partner that you care about their looks. It also serve as a way to show off to friends that your partner loves and care about you.
Say “I love you”: don’t just say the word ‘I love you’, say it and mean it. Most relationships have broken because the word is not frequently said and expressed. Most people think they have no need to tell their partner that they love them. This assumption is wrong, because your partner needs assurance.

Take time off from each other

It is healthy to hang out with friends without your partner. Not only does it allow both parties to miss each other, it also keeps the relationship sane.