Shake Up in NCC Soon


Shake Up In NCC Soon
By Olabisi Olaleye

Telecoms regulator, the Nigerian Telecommunications Communications Commission (NCC), may experience a shake up in the commission soon.
Gtechnews gathered that the twenty six year old commission may be hit by the worst shake up before the end of the last quarter of 2018 or early 2019.
This,according to Gtechnews source, who pleaded anonymity, is necessary for the overhauling of the commission because “Most of these. Senior staff have big titles and are grossly under utilised.
“Though,the list is being kept under wraps but may unravel soon. And many may be shown the way out including junior staff who have not made any impact on the commission.
Said he: “Most of them cannot represent what the company stands for and only depend on what information the communication department hands down and that’s why there are conflicting reports on germane issues.
“The major reasons that travel allowances and foreign trips had been cut to the barest minimum were not far fetched, because the federal government saw it becoming a jamboree”.
Recall that NCC is the independent regulatory authority for the telecommunications industry in Nigeria. The NCC was created under Decree number 75 by the (Federal Military Government of Nigeria) on 24 November 1992. The NCC was charged with the responsibility of regulating the supply of telecommunications services and facilities, promoting competition, and setting performance standards for telephone services in Nigeria. The Decree has been abrogated and replaced with the Nigerian Communications Act (NCA) 2003.