Senegal Emerges Middle East And Africa Regional Winner


Ericsson:Senegal Emerges Middle East and Africa Regional Winner
By Olabisi Olaleye
In line with its innovation Awards, Ericsson, technology solution provider recently showcased the four finalists of the Ericsson Innovation Awards 2018.
The Innovation Awards 2018 is a global student competition that invites university students to partner with Ericsson experts to envision the future of ICT.
Themed: ‘The Future of Truth.’ How will we find, validate and share truth in the age of ICT? This year’s competition is underway, with talented student teams from around the globe striving to win the grand prize: a trip to Stockholm, an expert Ericsson mentorship, and a €25,000 grand prize.
According to Ericsson, on daily basis, more than two million articles are published online and 500 million tweets are posted.
“Information communication technology allows us to consume and share information at an incredible rate, and even delve into alternate forms of reality. But, as we use that information to inform our personal belief systems, decision making, purchases, and actions, how can we know what is true?
“Ericsson’s introduction of 5G will allow us to connect to people, industries, societies, and ideas faster than ever before. But how can we ensure that the information we find, share and consume is factual? What standards are we using? How can those we are sharing with evaluate information for themselves? These are the questions that talented student teams from around the world have been answering throughout the Ericsson Innovation Awards 2018 competition. They’ve submitted over 1,400 really innovative ideas, and on May 17th one of our four finalists will become the new reigning EIA champion in Stockholm, Sweden”. University teams of 1,444 representing 107 countries entered the competition to present their innovative solutions.
With more than EUR 50,000 in cash and prizes up for grabs, the four finalist teams would compete in the Grand Final Event at the Nobel Museum in Stockholm, Sweden next month (May 17, 2018 ) and the winner selected.
The finalists are Team Alfred, Stanford University, United States: Alfred is an Ai-powered personal assistant that gathers information, identifies bias, and sifts through the noise.
Team Open Sesame, Tongji University, China; Open sesame is a platform that reviews and verifies retail reviews and ratings to ensure a more reliable shopping experience.
OwnLabs, Ecole Supérieure Polytechnique de Dakar and Université de Ziguinchor, Senegal: OwnLabs is building virtual science labs for communities without the funds to build their own physical labs.
And Team TL;DR, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi Technological University, India; TL;DR’s platform summarizes and simplifies user agreements to help consumers make informed decisions.