Samsung, LG, Others In Foldable Phone Design Race


Samsung, LG, Others in Foldable Phone Design Race

By Olabisi Olaleye

It is no longer a rumour as original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), are rushing to outdo eachother for 2019 foldable phone design.

The  next smartphone that may be a game changer for the upwardly mobile is a foldable one. It might be just a little different from what tech buffs are used to. User may just  take out the phone from the pocket and unfold it like a napkin into a tablet. When press a finger on the screen it unlocks. A switch to the camera app, and a spider like array of lenses shoot simultaneously to capture a good photo.

Gtechnews reliably gathered that OEMs like Samsung, Apple, Motorola  and LG are in the fore front of this game changing technological race.  They have not only been working on a foldable phone but have been developing some key details that could make it better .
For instance, the LG foldable phone would fold halfway down with a horizontal flip of the flexible display. LG display has already shown off rollable displays in the past and uses similar OLED panels on some of its high-end phones.
For Samsung, it is preparing to start mass production later this year.
A foldable device has the potential to be the biggest game-changer since the original Galaxy Note brought phablets to the mainstream in 2011. It could introduce new ways for consumers to use their device, while also giving people a genuinely different option when it comes to upgrading their phone. People are not going to mistake one of today’s smartphones for a device with a foldable screen.