Results Of Over Pampering That Child Of Yours


Results Of Over Pampering That Child Of Yours
By Pelumi Olaleye

While there is nothing totally wrong to show affection and love to that child of yours but what is absolutely wrong is not encouraging hard work and self respect.
Statistics revealed that over 70 per cent of Nigerian youths have become lazy and dependent on their parents or relatives for their daily financial needs. They believe they do not have to work at all or even work hard to hit the gold mines.
These are even made worse by the public show of affluence on the television and social media platforms.
And in order to justify their belief, they heap blames on government for poor administration and their environment forgetting that they also need to play their role for the development of the environment.
In an interview conducted by Gtechnews, Mrs Ibukun Williams, a therapist, said most youths do not plan for the future, they do not believe in saving for the raining Day and they spend more than they earn.

“The problem with youth these days is, they are too comfortable with things around them. They believe there is little or nothing they can do to improve themselves. They prefer to spend their time on social media as well as focusing on irrelevant things.
“They forget to plan for the future, thereby forgetting to save, they have the belief that one needs to have a lot of money to save. They spend money on irrelevant things through buying things they do not really need. Youths do not prioritise their wants. Everyone should learn to save and not be a person who buys on the spot without planning.”
Mr Desmond Adedayo, a psychologist, explained that the fault is mostly on parents who do not give room for their children to struggle or appreciate hard work .
“Parents think they are helping their children by not challenging them to do things themselves. The children then grow up into thinking that life is a bed of roses and they do not have to work to be successful.
“They should be told that it is no longer what they can get out of government always but what they can also do for government and themselves. Sometime ago, parents leave their children to go to school, partially fend for themselves and allow them to discover themselves but today, the story has changed as parents totally spoon feed them till they get married”.
Adedayo further added that parents should play a great role in encouraging their wards to get involve in petty trades and also make them understand that big business started small. They do not need to have millions to start a business.
“And parents should always remember that you don’t have to yield to all your children’s request as this tend to make them relax unnecessarily”, he said.