Origami’s Future Is Dependent On Creativity, Time, Papers Availability


lOrigami’s Future Is Dependent On Creativity, Time And Papers Availability”

By Olabisi Olaleye

Preferred to be called Alexa, an administrative staff of a corporate business; Alorica, Canada said that the future of Origami is keyed into imagination, kots of paper and time.
She takes Gtechnews into the foray of Origami creations and how the journey started.

According to the unassuming Alexa, origami is a nice way to pass time and it`s just fulfilling when you finish and see the result.  It is kind of difficult to do the hard ones but  it gives a boost to fulfillment sensation when it is completed.
“I have been at it for a year or so.  Someone was just doing the same origami bird over and over again, the Crane I think it is called and i tapped into the creativity.  She gave me some of her papers and I started making all sort of non-Crane origami shapes.
“While it is interesting to do Origami, I doubt it will interest children that much.  Some of the instructions to follow are quite complex and hard to grasp even for an adult mind and to get good result, you really need to be patient and do things right.  I can`t quite see children having that strong of a dedication to do origami properly.  At best you might keep them busy for a short time with simple ones”.
On the issue of mentoring people on origami, Alexa said, “Mentorship? no, it’s to the degree of a small hobby, I might take my hobby seriously and throw in all of my mental resources on it. Hobby will still remain an hobby.  It`s not meant to be taken seriously.
“As for the future for Origami.  I can`t say I know the future for it.  As long as people have imagination, time to spare, and paper, lots of paper, I think Origami will always be there”.