LSE Declares Swift Networks Africa’s Inspiration For 2019

LSE Group Declares Swift Networks Africa’s Inspiration For 2019.
By Pelumi Olaleye

The London Stock Exchange has declared Swift Networks Limited as one of the 360 companies to inspire Africa in 2019.

The survey which went through rigorous scrutiny by subject matter experts across the continent saw Swift Networks emerging as one of the finalists in a keenly contested selection process.
The ‘Companies to Inspire Africa 2019’ report from the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) picked out 360 high-performing companies for recognition, spanning 32 countries and a range of sectors with the report launched recently at the London Stock Exchange. Although over 5,000 companies were nominated for inclusion, the final list was selected based on set criteria such as growth, transparency, and innovation.
The Managing Director of Swift Networks Limited, Mr. Charles Anudu expressed the company’s appreciation to all stakeholders for their continued partnership over the years which he said has been largely responsible for the success of the brand in the Nigerian market.
He noted that 2018 was a very positive year for the company despite a difficult recession the country was emerging from. The company in addition to providing excellent broadband internet service to its teeming enterprise and consumer customers launched various segmental value propositions including Swift Unlimited and Swift SME to address the specific needs of certain segments. While Swift Unlimited targets heavy internet users with need for streaming a lot of movies, music and games, Swift SME wraps its arms around the peculiar needs of SMEs who are poorly catered for by the telecommunications industry.
The offering includes high speed internet and low cost business software on a rental basis as this category of customers find it steep to acquire and maintain the ownership of the requisite software to run their businesses and grow.
The company also launched the Red Cheetah Free internet app and Red Cheetah news portal in keeping with its core values of being at the forefront of innovation in the industry.