LinkedIn Installs Privacy To Stop Email Racketeers


LinkedIn Installs New Privacy To Stop Email Racketeers

By Joshua Olaleye

Popular business networking social media platform; LinkedIn recently introduced new privacy setting to block other users from exporting email address.
The objective primarily is to prevent spam, and protect users who didn’t realize anyone who they’re connected to could download their email address into a giant spreadsheet.
Though, some tech critics say that the introduction of this new setting could jeopardise users motive who had invested time into the professional networking site in hopes of contacting their connections outside of it. And may be a colossal loss for businesses, recruiters and anyone else expecting to be able to export the email addresses of their connections.
LinkedIn confirms that “This is a new setting that give our members even more control of their email address on LinkedIn. If you take a look at the setting titled ‘Who can download your email’, you will see we have added a more detailed setting that defaults to the strongest privacy option. Members can choose to change that setting based on their preference. This gives our members control over who can download their email address via a data export.
“That means nearly no one’s email addresses will appear in LinkedIn Archive exports any more. Your connections will still be able to see your email address if they navigate to your profile, but they can’t grab those from their whole graph”.