LG To Incorporate 5G, Advanced AI In Consumer Products


2019:LG to incorporate 5G, Advanced AI in Consumer Products
…As It Leads User-Centric Innovation
By Pelumi Olaleye

LG Electronics is set to incorporate the latest technology generation; 5G and an advanced artificial intelligence, AI in its consumer products in the coming weeks.
Just like it wowed tech visitors early this year at the CES in Las Vegas, It is gearing up again for the big next thing. And is expected to unveil other innovative products at the 2019 CES.
Part of what is expected to be seen more next year is Artificial Intelligence (AI).
AI is the trend and has been deployed by the company because robots can now help around the house and televisions are now so thin they could be mistaken for windows or paintings in the living room.
General Manager, Home Appliances Division at LG Electronics West Africa, Mr Jiung Park said LG is using AI to directly connect with its consumers and make their lives more convenient, saying, “The power of OLED technology demonstrated at this year’s Customer Electronic Show (CES 2018) by LG is an example of a smart technology created, deployed and leveraged on as a company.
The walled path of the entrance to the company’s booth at the biggest electronic gathering was created with OLED panels arranged on both sides replicating the appearance of a winding canyon. It proved to be the talk of the show.
“The potential of this unique technology is vast. Its application in marketing techniques cannot be ignored by potential locations including convention centres, shopping malls, city centres and shop fronts. Its novel appearance will certainly turn heads, with the ability to curve around any environment. This technology creates the perfect platform for different kinds of product signages and makes it stand out from the crowd”, he said.
According to Forbes, 80 per cent of enterprises are investing in AI today and 30 per cent of enterprises are planning on expanding their AI investments over the next 36 months. This trend presents both opportunities and challenges for all of us. Opportunities include innovation in deep learning products that could change our world for the better, and challenges include how far we should go with this ground-breaking technology.
LG stated that it has been able to place itself as a leader in AI incorporated electronics and continues to provide the best-in-market ThinQ range that exceeds consumer expectations.
“The truth is, we won’t see AI’s true potential for years if not decades but 2019 is the year that AI will take a big step into the mainstream”, he said. “AI is finding its way into TVs, washing machines, refrigerators as well as audio solutions such as speakers under LG’s ThinQ platform. A product that is with you most of the day learning your behaviour has much greater potential than something used only occasionally.”
Mr Park cited In the upcoming year, we may witness products with flexible viewing surfaces such as TVs, phones or tablets. While industry experts have been predicting the availability of such products for years, the fact is that no major manufacturer to date has introduced a serious consumer device that features a flexible display. Potential issues surrounding the durability of the screen and price will have to be addressed, as well as whether there is actual consumer demand for such a product.
With all of the excitement and enthusiasm surrounding the coming year, LG is already gearing up for the 5G tech era and how it will incorporate 5G into LG products and technology as well as the daily lives of consumers.
LG disclosed that it has produced and released some amazing products this year and as time goes by the products have only got better with the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and futuristic technology.