Konga, Yudala May Merge This Month


Konga, Yudala May Merge This Month
By Olabisi Olaleye

There are very strong signals that before the end of this month(April),the duo of Konga and Yudala, two e-commerce companies in Nigeria may merge.
Industry watchers believe that this could be a highly strategic move that may let them assume leadership of the e-commerce space. As well as a potential game-changer for e-commerce space.
According to them, a merger between both companies would involve a synergy of Konga’s robust online platform and Yudala’s ubiquitous physical store presence and access to genuine products.
It is also believed that the merger would significantly raise a collaborated market share of effectively making the merger the biggest e-commerce company in Nigeria.
The merger is also expected to improve consumer experience by lending more ease and convenience to the shopping process, offering more options to potential and existing shoppers and expanding access to an even wider range of products, services and solutions for Nigerians.