How To Deal With Cheating In A Relationship


How To Deal With Cheating In A Relationship
By Pelumi Olaleye

It is becoming worrisome that most marriages and even relationships have turned sore owing to infidelity between partners.
In most cases, a partner do not feel remorseful about cheating on his or her partner, which destroys such relationships.
Speaking with Gtech news, Mrs Adeyemi Gbolahan, a marriage counselor, revealed that infidelity among partners is often associated with a change in behavioral pattern, body size or lack of trust.
“I have handled cases of infidelity among couples. I would say, the commonest of infidelity is a total change in sexual activities or a disagreement in sexual activities between partners. In this case, this could be solved by communicating with the partner about certain expectations and desire in the relationship.”
“However, there have been cases of severe infidelity where either the spouse cheats because he or she feels like or it’s the fad without being sensitive about their partners emotions.”
Mr Collins Azu, a therapist, added that infidelity is caused by lack of trust for one another.
“Lack of trust could also be anchored on being possessive, where either the husband or wife starts controlling the activities of one another in the relationship. This could be dealt with by trying as much as possible to build trust among one another. It could be done by informing one’s partner about movements and daily activities.” He said.