Google Changes Mail Interface By April


Google Changes Mail Interface By April

By Joshua Olaleye

Popular search engine organization, Google will roll out final interface of the new google mail by April of this year.

According to the organization, it becomes pertinent to make the logo more visible at the top and have a white-coloured look making it to appear less cluttered. The location of the account switch that lets user switch between multiple accounts would be changed from the left side of the app to the avatar besides the app’s search bar.

“The way attachments would appear in the app would also change. It stated that users would no longer need to open a mail to view its attachments, like its desktop/web version. As part of the new design, you can quickly view attachments like photos without opening or scrolling through the conversation”.

The app, like the web version, would also notify users with a red alert if an email looks suspicious.

According to Google, its  significant effort was to make G Suite look like a family of products, designed in the Google material theme with ease-of-use in mind. Already, has already updated the Google calendar, Google docs, and drive.

Google had added a bunch of features in Gmail last year, and the company has focused more on making visual changes this time along with security and privacy updates.